Polish Lessons for Companies

If you:

  • need to equip your employees with the Polish skills needed for the ongoing workplace and professional success
  • would like to offer your foreign employees a comprehensive Polish course
  • would like to provide to your employees’ Polish course tailored to specific business needs
  • would like to held classes in your office at a time convenient for your employees

PolskiPlus Corporate Polish Lessons

Lessons for companies will be the best for your business. 

We offer a general group of individual courses for your employees as well as individually tailored business Polish courses.

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Polish courses for your company

Before starting the course we will provide your employees with placement tests and divide them into proper groups if needed. Taking into consideration business and individual goals we will choose learning materials, homework and additional materials for the course. We will provide you with progress and periodical feedback reports.  Constant online contact with teacher will allow you to schedule lessons at a convenient time, reschedule them if the timetable will change and track the progress.

PolskiPlus In-Company Polish Courses will help you to learn Polish easy and efficient!


Reporting Outcomes Back To You

Up-to-date information on overall and individual progress will be reported regularly

Customised Lesson Plans

Lessons, curriculum, materials and methods are customized to the expectations of the company and participants language skills

Place and Time to Suit You

The classes will be held online, frequency and length of sessions determined based on needs