Frequently Asked Questions

About B1 Certificate

It is a certificate that will prove your knowledge of Polish at B1 level - EU Threshold (Intermediate). It may be required to obtain Polish Citizenship, permanent residency, enroll in certain Universities or gain a specific business position. Before enrolling in the exam always check with a designated institution which level of certification is required.
The only body that can grant you with Polish B1 certificate is Państwowa Komisji do spraw Poświadczania Znajomości Języka Polskiego jako Obcego (PKdsPZJPjO). You can pass the exam in many institutions and language schools entitled to conduct the exam by PKdsPZJPjO. Exam for B1 certificate is organized few times a year- usually 3 in many different locations in Poland and abroad.
Preparation for B1 certificate is most efficient from the late A2/ B1 level. If you are A1 or starting A2 it will be better to start from a regular course and then move on to B1 preparation.
The sooner the better 🙂 The time which you will need for preparation depends on your current level of Polish. Based on your current Polish skills our teacher will prepare an individual learning plan with timelines for you.
No at all, if you are well prepared 🙂 B1 certificate exam includes few parts:
  • Listening and understanding
  • Grammar
  • Reading and understanding
  • Writing
  • Talking/ conversations
Condition to pass for B1 it at least 50 % points from each part. During B1 Certificate Preparation Course teacher will guide you thru all grammar and vocabulary requirements for this level and amend your gaps if necessary. You will practice every exam module with various types of question. Such preparation will make you confident and not stressed during the exam.

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