Frequently Asked Questions

About B1 Certificate

It is a certificate which will confirm your knowledge of Polish at B1 level - EU Threshold (Intermediate). According to Polish law it is required to obtain Polish Citizenship and Polish permanent residency.
No, in fact none of the Polish language schools or institutions (including us) is able to give you certificate which will be valid for Polish government. The only body entitled to do that is Państwowa Komisji do spraw Poświadczania Znajomości Języka Polskiego jako Obcego (PKdsPZJPjO). Many schools are offering certificates after completing the course. It is a personal achievement for student, but not valid for Polish government. The only way you can get official Polish B1 certificate, which will be respected in formal issues is sign up for the exam launched by PKdsPZJPjO. More information you will find on their official website and from our Teacher.
Exam for B1 certificate is organised few times a year- usually 3 in many different locations in Poland or abroad. PKdsPZJPjO is cooperating with various institutions and language school which are authorised to be an organizer of an exam. Dates of exams in 2018: 19-20 maja 2018 r.: B1- adults,children and teenagers 21-22 lipca 2018 r.:B1- - adults,children and teenagers 17-18 listopada 2018 r.- B1 adults All of the institutions/schools entitled to conduct the exams you will find under this link:
Preparation for B1 certificate is most efficient from late A2/ B1 level. If you are A1/ beginner A2 it will be better to start from Level Base Course and then move on to B1 preparation. All information about B1 Preparation course you will find here
No at all, if you are really on B1 level and well prepared 🙂 Exam consist of few parts: Listening and understanding Grammar Reading and understanding Writing Talking/ conversations Condition to pass for B1 it at least 50 % points from each part. During B1 Certificate Preparation Course we will guide you thru all grammar and vocabulary requirements for this level and amend your gaps if necessary. We will exercise every exam module with various types of question and fill out many B1 exams. Such preparation will make you confident and not stressed during the exam. All information about the exam you can find on its official website and from our Teacher.

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