Polish Certificates Courses

If you

  • need placement test because you are not sure when to enroll to the exam
  • need information about the exam, singing in and preparation
  • need to prepare for certification exam in Polish on any level (A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)


PolskiPlus language training delivers great results, the personal solution just for you.

PolskiPlus – Polish Certification Exam Courses

Preparation for Polish certificate exam lessons will be best for you. You can choose an individual or small group (2-3 students on a similar level) course. During the course we will be concentrating on all 5 proficiency needed for the exam: listening, grammar, understanding written text, writing and speaking. Before the course, we will complete an exemplary exam.

Based on the result, we will design the individual or group course putting the most emphasis on the weakest proficiency. Constant contact with your teacher will allow you to schedule lessons at a convenient time and reschedule them if your timetable will changes. After the course, you will be prepared to pass the exam without any stress.

Start to Learn Polish

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Firstly, we analyze your individual goals and then create a personalized program adapted to you with regard to content, timetable and additional activities for Polish certificate exam.

  • Individual lessons are tailored to your needs, possible to have small groups
  • Learning the basics of the Polish language on practical language use for daily life
  • You decide how often and for how long you want to learn.
  • All Polish levels (A1 to C2) and parts (speaking, writing or exam preparation) can be implemented in individual lessons.
  • One-to-one lessons are always prepared after recognizing student’s goals.
  • Private lessons, curriculum, materials, and methods are customized to student’s expectations.
  • Possible to cancel and reschedule the classes

PolskiPlus lessons will help you to learn Polish easy and efficient!



The classes will be held online


Date, time, and frequency are suitable for your daily routine


The intensity, syllabus and content are adjusted to your needs