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We strongly believe that the courses which we create will make you to achieve it. Take a look at our offers, hopefully you will find something suitable for your needs and we can become a part of your success. If there is a course you would like to take, but it is not in our offer please contact us – we are eager to develop and create something up to your needs.

Individual Course

Would you like to have a course prepared especially for you? Maybe you need to learn Polish related to specific business line (medicine, banking, real estate) or you are having problems only with some grammar topics or conversations. Contact us to learn more about Individual Courses, let’s get started.

Certificate Preparation

Do you need a formal confirmation  of your language skills for work, school or university? Are you planning to apply permanent residency or perhaps citizenship and it’s required Polish Certificate? Contact us for Certificate Preparation Courses (A2, B2, C1, C2 levels) and let’s start to prepare for the exam.

Business Polish Course

Do you work with Polish colleagues or is your field related to Poland or simply do you live & work in Poland? If you need to learn Polish related to your work or improve your language skill in business perspective, our Business Polish Course is just for you.

Conversation Course

Have you already started to learn Polish but having troubles with speaking and communication? No worries, that’s the common problem of many language learners. Contact us to learn more about our Conversation Course and start to speak Polish.

Speak Polish Again

Have you been living in Poland for a while? Did you start to learn Polish but but still haven’t improve it enough? Perhaps your skill has become rusty! Don’t worry, you are alone. Join our dedicated Basic Polish course, get your motivation back, it’s never too late to learn.

Survival Polish

Visiting to Poland for short term, important visit or longer stay. Would you like to learn basics of Polish language? If yes, this online course is just for you as it’s dedicated especially for beginners, who need basic vocabulary, cultural and communication skills to have a good and smooth start with Polish or have more comfortable and not stressful time in Poland.



Classes are held at your office, selected cafes and/or via internet


Date and time are suitable for your daily routine. For all levels you can decide the frequency of lessons.


Sen us an email or call us to learn pricing and all other details

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